Freight Broker 120
No Travel Training & Consulting Package

Designed For Those That Will Be Obtaining Their Own Freight Broker Authority
LIVE No-Travel Training – 12 Months Consulting

Freight Broker 120
No Travel Training

Package Highlights

   • LIVE No-Travel training
   • Training for up to 5 attendees
   • Essential Training
   • Supplemental Training
   • Hands-on with freight broker tools, programs, and software
   • 12 months consulting starting with day 1
   • Client area access for review and training
   • Supply of agents for those that initiate an agency system
   • Client discounts for additional services

Package Details – $2,100

We understand that loading up the crew and traveling to our location for training sometimes isn’t an option. With the Freight Broker 120 Training & Consulting package you and 4 of your staff will only need a computer, internet access, and a phone to attend this live training.

The training portion of this package is divided up into 6 essential training sessions that all should attend, with several supplemental training sessions for you or your management team. The essential staff training sessions will last from 1-2 hours each and include in-depth training for working day-to-day as a freight broker. At the conclusion of each session, those attending will be given exercises. These exercises will allow all to gain hands-on experience using the programs, tools, and software used daily by freight brokers.

Included With The Freight Broker Agent 120 Training:

• Freight Broker Training Manual – Hard Copy
• Freight Broker Training Workbook – Hard Copy
• Freight Broker Training Manual – Digital Copy
• Freight Broker Training Workbook – Digital Copy
• Laminated Quick Reference Guide For Brokering Freight
• In-Depth Freight Broker Training Including Daily Responsibilities
• Hands On Training With Freight Broker Tools, Programs, & Software
• Freight Broker Sales Training
• Included Optional Training For You And/Or Your Management Team

Scheduling & Attending The Training

To begin, we will ship you the hardcopy of the Freight Broker Training Manual and the Freight Broker Training Workbook. We’ll also provide you with digital copies that you can download and provide to your staff. We’ll be using the Freight Broker Training Workbook throughout the training.

When you have received the hardcopy of the manual and workbook, you can call your assigned consultant to schedule your first training session. Each session will last approximately one – two hours. At the conclusion of each session homework will be given allowing those in attendance to gain experience using the tools, software, and programs used daily by freight brokers.

Those attending the LIVE training can do so from their own computer at their location. This is a simple process of accessing the Live Training Login link from the Login button on the main menu, at the top of the page. They will be asked to enter their name as a guest, touch enter, and join the training session. Attendees will be able to view, on their computer screen, that training session.

As many of our clients have staff in various parts of the country, we can utilize conference calling where attendees can call into one number for the audio portion of the training. As the training is live, attendees can ask questions or get clarification on topics discussed if needed.  These are 2-way calls so everyone is able to communicate as they would if in a classroom.

Essential Training

Provides in-depth training on the day-to-day responsibilities of working as a freight broker. This includes sales training, prospecting, making sales calls, rate calculations, carrier negotiation and more. The essential will provide training covering all aspects of brokering from shipper through delivery of a load, including legal and contracts.

Supplemental Training

This additional training will go into more detail and provide information that you will be able to use from day one. More in-depth sales training, marketing strategies for your brokerage, setting up an agency system that will allow you to have contracted outside freight broker agents, and more.


Our freight broker clients find that the included training is a very important part of this package, but that the consulting is just as valuable. Over 95% of our freight broker consulting clients renew their consulting every year

Included with this package is a 12 month consulting period. The consulting period for a freight broker begins the day after the initial registration is processed. This allows you to immediately begin using your consulting privileges. This is very important for those obtaining new authority.

Once the filing has been made, it will take 3-5 weeks for your authority to become active. During this time the training can be conducted as well as assistance with forms, contracts, agreements, software and other necessities that should be in place for operations prior to receiving you active authority. This will allow you to immediately begin operations when your authority is issued.

Your consulting will include unlimited email and phone support for you or any of your staff. Assistance with problems, situations, and/or issues that arise are just a phone call or email away. In addition you have the option for live agent training, access to our client area, planning, marketing and more.

Included With The Freight Broker Consulting:

• Assigned Consultant
• 12 Month Consulting Period
• Day 1 Consulting Privileges
• Unlimited Phone & Email Support
• One-On-One Consult Calls
• Conference Calls For Staff Consultations
• 24/7 Access To Our Client Area
• Optional Customized Live Agent Training
• Access To Our Agent Pool For Contracting Agents
• Marketing Training
• Marketing Assistance (website, video & audio production, printables…)

Optional Add-Ons

– Web Design Package –

A fully functional SEO website for your transportation business. Our Web Design Package includes domain, design, and the first year of hosting.

– Video Production –

A produced marketing or training video has never been easier! A marketing video for your business is working for you 24/7 on your website, social media, and a number of video host sites across the web.

– Photography –

We are able to provide you with any type of commercial photography you may need. Architectural, equipment, products, or images for any of your sales material.

– Audio –

Professional broadcast quality audio for your specific need. Advertising, podcasts, phone, imaging, and more.


To learn more, have any questions answered, or to register for the Freight Broker 120 Training & Consulting Package by phone, please call 800.582.4167. If you would like to register online, touch the Register button below. After your payment has been processed, you will receive a receipt and within 12 hours you will receive an email containing your new client information. We will prepare and ship your training package on the first business day following registration.


Training Topics

  • Sales
  • Prospecting
  • Sales Calls
  • Sales Agents
  • Broker Agents
  • Agency System
  • Calculating Rates
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Contract/Spot Rates
  • Double Brokering
  • Blind Double Brokering
  • Bulk Rates
  • Blind Shipments
  • Carrier Relations
  • Shipper Relations
  • Lane Building
  • Contracts/Agreements
  • Load Boards
  • Load Confirmations
  • Software
  • Carrier Vetting
  • Extending Credit
  • Invoicing
  • More..