Freight Broker Agent 90
Training & Consulting

LIVE No Travel Training – Guaranteed Placement – 6 Months Consulting

Freight Broker Agent 90
Training & Consulting Package

  Package Highlights

      • LIVE No Travel Training (internet, phone required)
      • Training for you and one guest
      • Essential Training
      • Supplemental Training
      • Hands-on with freight broker tools, programs, and software
      • 6 month agent consulting period
      • Client area access for review and training
      • Client discounts for additional services
      • Guaranteed placement with a licensed freight broker
      • PAYGO finance option

Package Details – $1,250

Our most popular freight broker agent package that requires no travel to attend the training. Identical to our Freight Broker Agent Package except that the training is conducted LIVE during 11 individual training sessions, lasting 1-2 hours each, for you and one guest.

All that is needed to attend the training is an internet device (computer, laptop, tablet…), internet access, and phone. You will access our system via the internet allowing you to view the live training while the phone is used for audio. This will allow you to ask questions and discuss topics in more detail. The training is live and will be conducted by your assigned consultant.

The 11 individual training session will include 6 essential training sessions for working day-to-day as a freight broker agent, plus 5 supplemental training sessions that will provide additional training for sales, marketing, when and how to obtain your own freight broker authority, and more.

At the end of each essential training session, you will be given exercises so that you can begin practicing what you have learned and gain valuable hands-on experience working with the programs, tools, and software you will be using daily.

You can schedule your training for days and times that best fit your schedule. Our normal training times are Monday – Friday from 7 A.M. – 5 P.M. and Saturday from 7 A.M. – Noon (Central Time).

The training will be conducted by your assigned consultant and cover all aspects of your responsibilities as a freight broker agent, from finding shippers to delivery of the load.

You’ll Receive:

• Freight Broker Training Manual
• Freight Broker Training Workbook
• Laminated Quick Reference Guide For Brokering Freight
• In-Depth Freight Broker Training Including Daily Responsibilities
• Hands On Training With Freight Broker Tools, Programs, & Software
• Freight Broker Sales Training

Essential Training

Provides in-depth training on the day-to-day responsibilities of working as a freight broker agent. This includes sales training, prospecting, making sales calls, rate calculations, carrier negotiation and more. You’ll gain hands-on experience using the tools, programs, and software during training, that you will be using daily once you begin working as a freight broker agent.  The essential will provide training covering all aspects of brokering loads from obtaining the shipper through delivery, including legal and contracts.

Supplemental Training

This additional training will go into more detail and provide information that you will be able to use from day one. More in-depth sales training, marketing strategies for your agency, profitability working in the agency system, having sub-agents work for your agency, when and how to obtain your own freight broker authority, and more.


The 6 month consulting period begins after you have finished training and have started working for a freight brokerage as a freight broker agent.

The consulting is an extension of your training that we recommend you utilize on a regular basis. The consulting provides you with unlimited phone and email support that you can use when you have questions, need assistance with problems or situations, wish to discuss ideas, and more.

In addition you will have access to our client area. The client area provides you with access to all training videos, supplemental training videos, live broadcasts, webinars, downloads, and more. At the end of training you will receive login information with 24/7 access.

Included With The Freight Broker Agent Consulting:

• Assigned Consultant
• 6 Month Consulting Period
• Unlimited Phone & Email Support
• One-On-One Consult Calls
• 24/7 Access To Our Client Area
• Marketing Training
• Marketing Assistance (website, video & audio production, printables…)

Guaranteed Placement

After completion of training you will be placed with a licensed freight brokerage so that you can begin working as a freight broker agent. It’s important to know that you are not paying us to learn how to broker, just to work for our brokerage.

TALTOA is a transportation & logistics consulting firm, not a freight brokerage. We provide training and consulting services to freight broker companies across the country. We are placing you with one of our freight broker consulting clients that use agents.

Our freight broker clients that participate in this program must meet our requirements in order to have agents placed. These requirements include;

1) That agent pay is at industry standards (no reduced pay because you are new).

2) No Non-Competes. This means that your are free to leave and work for another broker or start you own brokerage at any time.

3) Your customers are your customers. In short, you retain the right to continue working with any shippers you develop while working as an agent.

As you probably already know, finding a freight brokerage that will allow you to work as a freight broker agent, without experience or book of business, is next to impossible. Our guaranteed placement ensures that you will have an opportunity to work as a freight broker agent within days of completing your training.

Optional Add-Ons

– Web Design Package –

A fully functional SEO website for your transportation business. Our Web Design Package includes domain, design, and the first year of hosting.

– Video Production –

A produced marketing or training video has never been easier! A marketing video for your business is working for you 24/7 on your website, social media, and a number of video host sites across the web.

– Photography –

We are able to provide you with any type of commercial photography you may need. Architectural, equipment, products, or images for any of your sales material.

– Audio –

Professional broadcast quality audio for your specific need. Advertising, podcasts, phone, imaging, and more.


You can register for the Freight Broker Agent 90 Training & Consulting Package by touching a Register button below, or call us at 800.582.4167 to register by phone.

Full Registration – $1,250

Full registration will save you money, provide an additional month of consulting, and allow you to begin working as a freight broker agent quicker.

Money Savings – $15 shipping

Additional Consulting – 7 months instead of 6

Working Quicker – You’ll complete the essential training first, allowing us to place you with a freight broker on completion. The supplemental training can be scheduled as you wish following placement.

Touch For Full Registration

PAYGO Registration – $265 Down Payment

The PAYGO registration allows you to Pay As You Go. After making the down payment, we’ll ship your Freight Broker Agent 90 Training package containing the Freight Broker Training Manual & Workbook. When received, you may call and schedule Part 1 of your training.

After completion of Part 1, you’ll receive an invoice of $100 for Part 2. When paid you may schedule Part 2. This continues until you have completed your full training. At the completion of your full training, you will be placed with a freight broker as a freight broker agent.

Touch For PAYGO Registration

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Training Topics

  • Sales
  • Prospecting
  • Sales Calls
  • Calculating Rates
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Contract/Spot Rates
  • Double Brokering
  • Blind Double Brokering
  • Bulk Rates
  • Blind Shipments
  • Carrier Relations
  • Shipper Relations
  • Lane Building
  • Contracts/Agreements
  • Load Boards
  • Load Confirmations
  • Software
  • Carrier Vetting
  • More..